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Another Twist on ROI

December 28, 2009

So, I’m obsessed with finding a return.  But what kind of return?  And what is the return on?  What is my investment when making a social media addition to my marketing approach?  Will I calculate how many words I can blog per minute?  Will I look at the fully loaded employee cost of the blogger?  […]

Scan it with your iPhone!

December 28, 2009

I am enabled!  With the download of a handy application for my iPhone at a measly cost of $1.99, I am now enabled to scan the  bar code of any item (containing one) and find the local shops and current prices of the item.  How cool is that?  As someone who has worked with bar codes in […]

ROI Buzz

December 28, 2009

All things equal.  Looking for benefits of using a feature such as a social media approach to marketing will sooner or later circle to the question of ROI.  Just how will the bean counters approve use of such media without a tried and true or defined way to measure the results of a social media […]

So, It’s Important–Social Media ROI

December 28, 2009

 Can you tell it bothers me?  Financially speaking, all campaigns used to market a product will have some measurement of their success.  This will involve knowing how things are currently going (a baseline) and the hope for how they will change (the goal).  What gets worked out in the middle are the aspects of measuring […]

2009 Viral Video – Danone’s Evian Water

December 21, 2009

Move over Ally McBeal, and make room for the rollerblading babies.  This viral video is not only captivating it brings back memories of other successful uses of ‘animating’ babies beyond their years.  It’s been the most viewed video advertisement on YouTube and has never played on traditional media as an advertisement in the US (only […]

Mobile Media Grocery Shopping

December 14, 2009

Online Grocery Shopping  is not new by any means.  Made somewhat sporadically popular in larger cities five years ago (or in some cases more) this approach to providing assistance to the shopper was moderately popular with the busy executives and less so with the older population on a limited income.  Loyalty Programs.  Known to you, […]

I’m Sounding like a “B”; What type are you?

December 14, 2009

Unfair reputation?  Ok, I’ll beg forgiveness and ask you to cut me a break.  What for, you ask?  For sounding like what one recent author deemed as number four on his list of the six different “Twitter Types“.  I do believe that the article’s author pegged the types appropriately, or “hit the nail on the […]

Not so Tweet!

December 14, 2009

GET A GRIP!  Evidently, everyone who writes about Twitter reads no other articles about Twitter.  That is the only explanation for the overuse of the word “tweet” in relation to describing how Twitter helped their marketing efforts.  Typically replacing the word “sweet”, this over use of Twitter lingo has me totally turned off before I […]

Holiday Ads, My Way

December 10, 2009

Finally!   Holiday advertising the way I want it.  PULLED, not PUSHED.  Let me link to retailers I’m interested in, let me decide what content clogs up my email inbox or texts.  The endless parade of printed ads can cease.  I’ll look at ‘this week’s ad’ online.  I’ll use my Facebook site to ask the opinions of […]

No Advertising on my Cell!

November 30, 2009

Appalled. My cell phone rang one day and when I answered it, I was appalled that I was being bombarded by an advertising recording screaming in my ear about some opportunity regarding sports betting.  I immediately hung up steaming mad that my cell phone number, that I presumed was private, was on someone’s calling list. […]