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Scan it with your iPhone!

I am enabled!  With the download of a handy application for my iPhone at a measly cost of $1.99, I am now enabled to scan the  bar code of any item (containing one) and find the local shops and current prices of the item.  How cool is that? 

As someone who has worked with bar codes in the grocery industry, this is right up my alley (as they say).  I’ve been scanning items (books, soda, bread, milk, etc.) to see what the local prices are.  I am amazed at the differences in cost.  Designed for use by competitive shoppers, this handy application coupled with the GPS features of the iPhone make it possible for results to be customized to your location.   Created by Red Laser, this application may make my next trip to the grocery store much longer!  Watch the iPhone in action scanning bar codes…

Change of practice?  I recall when I was on the board of my son’s high school baseball team boosters, we were not permitted by folks in Wal-Mart to write down the prices of the products in their store.  When we asked them why, we were told it was for competitive reasons.  I can’t wait to have the store personnel see me scan their products!  This tool can be an interesting way to enable shoppers to make sure they are getting a good deal when they’re in the store.  It’s also a great way to scan a product you have at home, and make a shopping list based on the responses.


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