Gaining Experience in Emerging Media
IMC 619 – Emerging Media

ROI Buzz

All things equal.  Looking for benefits of using a feature such as a social media approach to marketing will sooner or later circle to the question of ROI.  Just how will the bean counters approve use of such media without a tried and true or defined way to measure the results of a social media campaign–yet??  Well, great question that it is, it is still a thorn in the side of marketers who have navigated past the question of ‘why’ use social media and have now landed on how to define the returns on the investment made.  Searching the web for insight, I located several excellent blogs and articles specifically on this topic.  See Olivier Blanchard’s blog post remarks here. 

Drinking the Kool-aid.  It’s clear that strong opinions exist in the world of marketing on how to reach a calculation or even whether a calculator can be created to define returns on investments associated with utilizing social media.  The future of social media and its history are being written in an intertwined fashion, much like what I expect happened when online web advertising was a breakthrough phenomenon.  It’s exciting to be in the midst of such radical change.  Love it!


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