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IMC 619 – Emerging Media

Another Twist on ROI

So, I’m obsessed with finding a return.  But what kind of return?  And what is the return on?  What is my investment when making a social media addition to my marketing approach?  Will I calculate how many words I can blog per minute?  Will I look at the fully loaded employee cost of the blogger?  Will I track in anyway where the remarks were posted and differentiate one from the other to track effectiveness?  So many questions unanswered as marketers begin to incorporate this phenomenon called social media into their marketing mix. 

Searching for more opinions I came across an interesting blog by Debbie Weil.  It appears she has an opinion that it’s not the return on the INVESTMENT we should consider, but the return on the INFLUENCE.  Interesting approach.  Be sure to read her blog for concepts, she is a bit off the typical path, leaning more toward ideology, but it’s interesting just the same.  Meanwhile, I will continue to search for ways to incorporate social media approaches into my work, even though it is focused in the B2B space.


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