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IMC 619 – Emerging Media

2009 Viral Video – Danone’s Evian Water

Move over Ally McBeal, and make room for the rollerblading babies.  This viral video is not only captivating it brings back memories of other successful uses of ‘animating’ babies beyond their years.  It’s been the most viewed video advertisement on YouTube and has never played on traditional media as an advertisement in the US (only in France–go figure).

As opportunities continue to arise in the world of marketing, I’m amazed at how fast the information becomes viral, then tried, then integrated into some form of communication.    I haven’t utilized YouTube as much as others, but this was a perfect example of how YouTube can be utilized in a campaign.


2 Responses to “2009 Viral Video – Danone’s Evian Water”

  1. I feel the most powerful aspect of using new media, such as Youtube, for advertising and marketing is that people are choosing to view it. You stumble on it yourself, or you subscribed to someones Twitter or Facebook feeds, or the viral aspect kicks in and a friend sends it to you… all of these make a more engaged audience. Mass marketing will never have the same impact as a campaign a view CHOSE to see vesus it being put in front of them to consume.

    • Jamie–I totally agree that there is a new level of engagement defined by pull media, such as YouTube represents. It’s something that’s measurable using technology, that was previously not measurable with old technology.

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