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Not so Tweet!

The Six Twitter TypesGET A GRIP!  Evidently, everyone who writes about Twitter reads no other articles about Twitter.  That is the only explanation for the overuse of the word “tweet” in relation to describing how Twitter helped their marketing efforts.  Typically replacing the word “sweet”, this over use of Twitter lingo has me totally turned off before I even read the article.  I imagine the message to be the ramblings of a feeble-minded, lackadaisical, has nothing better to do author with little inspiration or imagination.  (Ok…ignore that I, myself, used the word “tweet” in this blog’s heading…)

Getting the most out of Twitter. Understandably, Twitter is an active, short message-communication tool that has been expanded beyond its original ‘keep up with an author’ content well into realms that exercise valid and useful content that can be ‘re-sent’ or ‘re-used’ (yes, “re-tweeted”).  The sheer imagination of those authors who build brand recognition, inspire timely contests and bring joy to those who “need-to-know” quickly and in less than 140 characters is an ever growing number.  I’m voting to see less of the “tweet” headings and more “meat” in the headings.  That would take this social networking phenomenon to the next level.  Go Twitter!


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