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Mobile Media Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping  is not new by any means.  Made somewhat sporadically popular in larger cities five years ago (or in some cases more) this approach to providing assistance to the shopper was moderately popular with the busy executives and less so with the older population on a limited income. 

Loyalty Programs.  Known to you, the user, as scanning your card before a checkout.  These loyalty programs can provide grocers with demographic and purchasing information to be used in marketing, or can even generated valid coupons for competing items.  More recently linked to cents-off benefits for co-branded offers such as gasoline, these loyalty programs can be flexed to be innovative and responsive to market conditions.


Mobile Marketing for real.  Most recently, Whole Foods Markets have taken the mobile marketing concept further down the path.  Creating a website optimized for web-enabled mobile devices, Whole Foods makes it possible for their ‘on the go’ customers to obtain information typically found only while on the internet.

But, I’m anxiously awaiting the next generation of truly mobile marketing in the grocery industry and the related applications developed to support my busy schedule.  I’m looking for maps of stores that will link my grocery list to tell me where to find the products and in what order based on store layout.  Link that together with information on specials advertised on brands within my category.  Let’s say I want canned pumpkin.  My ideal app will show me not only where it is in the store, but the choices I have based on advertised sales during the timeframe in which I’m shopping.  Link that information together with Loyalty records to provide a robust, demographically rich, economically sound mobile marketing approach for grocery.  ‘Scuse me, while I start creating that….


4 Responses to “Mobile Media Grocery Shopping”

  1. This is the first time I have heard about Whole Foods new initiative. I think it is a great idea! Consumers are starting to depend more and more on convenience. If a company can offer a new, easier way to do something consumers normally do, I think it will become a hit with the target audience. I know I would utilize it!

  2. It would be so wonderful to have an application that would plan your route at the grocery store.

    However, I think grocers wouldn’t like this because it would keep people from making impulse purchases.

  3. Impulse purchases will most likely never go away! I’d be interested in a study of the users of this type of technology and their financial spending capabilities. My guess is that this user would be more inclined to buy more expensive items, or shop at a more expensive (comparatively) store.

  4. Turns out, I didn’t have to wait too long. Check out my blog entry about the redlaser application for scanning barcodes and finding prices on the scanned product in your geographic area. This technology has been greatly improved and is effective today!

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