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I’m Sounding like a “B”; What type are you?

Unfair reputation?  Ok, I’ll beg forgiveness and ask you to cut me a break.  What for, you ask?  For sounding like what one recent author deemed as number four on his list of the six different “Twitter Types“.  I do believe that the article’s author pegged the types appropriately, or “hit the nail on the head” as it were, when he listed the following types: 

  1. The Newbie — as you can guess, this user is brand new to the experience of Twitter. 
  2. The Brand — yes, another good guess, this user is looking to use Twitter as a marketing tool
  3. The Smore — chuckle, chuckle, this user (Smore = social media whore) uses Twitter as self promotion.  The Smore, often focused on getting something from people has a counterpart — “Bubbles” who is identified as delightful.
  4. The Bitch — Just a complainer, often a guy–remarkably using the Twitter platform to generate angry reactions.  NOT what you’d want to follow in the way of an author.
  5. The Maven — an expert in their field, this author has much to say about their area of expertise.  They might also save you time. 
  6. The Mensch — not often aggressive tweeters, this type of user interjects to aid a user and can be thought of as the knight in shining armor.

Going toward Brand, Maven or Mensch.  Given that I’m not “Mensch-worthy” yet, I’ll stick to trying to become more Brand or Maven-ly to improve my Twitter experience.


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