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IMC 619 – Emerging Media

Holiday Ads, My Way

Finally!   Holiday advertising the way I want it.  PULLED, not PUSHED.  Let me link to retailers I’m interested in, let me decide what content clogs up my email inbox or texts.  The endless parade of printed ads can cease.  I’ll look at ‘this week’s ad’ online.  I’ll use my Facebook site to ask the opinions of people I trust prior to making purchases of importance or sizable expenditures.  Am I alone?  NO WAY.  The influence of social media in retail advertising is adapting and growing in leaps and bounds.  No longer just a way to post ‘feelings’ or ‘thoughts’, most social media outlets are being successfully tapped to enable willing recipients to take advantage of inside knowledge of discounts, future sales and new product releases. 

JOIN ‘EM.    Since it’s evident that this type of media exposure isn’t going away, most marketers are using social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook in increasingly clever ways that really resonate with the recipient.  Let’s consider them the ‘target market’.  Dissecting this target market can be more interesting when one considers that these forums are in use by the young (even earlier than the tweens) and the “older” (retired and wired) alike.    In a recent article authored by George Anderson of Retail Wire,  JC Penney is quoted as utilizing social media to keep pulse on active conversations between their shoppers on  That’s the biggest difference retailers must adapt to–social media advertising is more about active interaction rather than push advertising.  Those who can join ’em will keep ’em.  Those who don’t will lose.


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