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No Advertising on my Cell!

Appalled. My cell phone rang one day and when I answered it, I was appalled that I was being bombarded by an advertising recording screaming in my ear about some opportunity regarding sports betting.  I immediately hung up steaming mad that my cell phone number, that I presumed was private, was on someone’s calling list.

Patience! About the third time I received this same call, I decided to listen to it all the way through.  To my surprise, at the END of the call was the part of the message that says that I could press a certain number to opt out of receiving this type of message in the future.  THE END!

Pull Advertising. I’m an avid iPhone user and constantly check iTunes to see what new apps are available for my iPhone.  In class, last week’s assignment focused on mobile advertising (no, not the kind where the picture is drawn on the side of a bus).  I do recall seeing ‘upgrade’ offers on free programs that I had downloaded and realized that this is a very easy way to reach an audience that is prequalified and interested.  Finding good deals is also part of my reason for being.  During the research, I located an iPhone application that aggregates coupon and code offers.  I’m looking forward to picking through it and saving some cash because I WANT to.  Not because I am forced to.  Keep the push advertising OFF my iPhone!



3 Responses to “No Advertising on my Cell!”

  1. I feel your sentiment. The last thing I like to receive is unwanted mobile advertising text messages on my cell phone. I am a huge fan of mobile coupons. I do not mind getting incentives via my cell phone as long as I initiated the relationship. Domino’s Pizza does a great job with its mobile advertising. I think for people on the go mobile coupons are a way to engage consumers who may be missed in the clutter of traditional media.

  2. I do not want to start receiving advertising phone calls on my cell phone either. However, marketers have to start moving this way because people are using their cell phones as their main communication line. I do not even have a land line!

  3. While I understand that it is impossible to telemarket to me without calling my cell phone (because I don’t have a landline), I DO have to pay for my cell phone minutes and would prefer not to use those minutes convincing some sales person that NO, I do NOT want a “free” trip to Cancun!

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