Gaining Experience in Emerging Media
IMC 619 – Emerging Media

Mobile and Private

Do it at Disney.  Nowadays anything can be accomplished from just about anywhere.  Case in point.  I arranged a vacation to occur over the Thanksgiving holiday this year.  It wasn’t any ordinary vacation, it was a special trip to Disney World and various theme parks with my 6 year old grandson, his father (my son) and my youngest son, in tow.  We had a whirlwind ten days planned.  Peppered at various times were the weekly assignments I had due.  The house we leased had ‘internet’ and I was certain I was ‘set’.  As Murphy’s Law would have it, the internet connection and my laptop (a PC) were incompatible and there was no wireless!  Imagine that–no wireless!!  I felt like I had been set out on a deserted island with no access to anything.

Internet Cafe.  So, the hunt was on.  We drove from location to location looking for a wifi zone so that I could turn in my assignments.  It took several stops, but finally we located a relatively new chain of healthy food alternatives, called Crispers.  I was so happy to have wifi, I’d have eaten just about any cuisine.  This was definitely a bonus.  As I sat in the booth laptop blazing and iPhone/tunes piped into my ears through my earbuds, I was able to finish last week’s discussion assignments.

Love the Rainy Day.   Someone nearby my rented house had wifi.  I could see their signal (which was unsecured, by the way) and on clear, sunny days was barely able to connect before being dropped for too poor of a connection.  Luckily, midweek it rained.  Because of the weather, the signal was stronger and I was able to piggy back onto their wifi and again, complete my work.

Thankful for the Holidays.   As I sit in Washington’s Dulles International Airport during my return flight layover, I marveled at the number of wifi connections I was able to find.  To my dismay, all were ‘paying’ connections.  A quick search down through the list found a Google-sponsored wifi link making internet browsing complimentary through the holidays.  Thanks Google.  I am now able to again complete my assignments.


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