Gaining Experience in Emerging Media
IMC 619 – Emerging Media

You’re the Winner!

Promote that new product!  While researching information for this week’s class written assignment, I spent hours working through many Twitter accounts for the company I chose–Coca-Cola.  At first, I had difficulty locating what I wanted.  The landscape in Twitter is overly complicated to me, although it is supposed to be ‘simple’.  As I navigated from Coca-Cola’s main site (this was after searching to determine that it WAS the company’s site and not a pseudo-site) down thru attached sites for Coca-Cola bottlers, regional related distribution groups and the like I found an interesting contest that the Los Angeles division was supporting. 

Follow me to the Winner’s Circle.  Merely for following the Twitter account and reading tweets about the upcoming release of Coca-Cola’s aluminum bottle, followers are entered into a contest to win a ‘goodie bag’ of various prizes.  The posted pictures (background, really) on Coca-Cola_LA’s Twitter page  were very eye-appealing to the degree that I didn’t bother to read too many of the tweets, but just the same, it was a very interesting concept to get the word out.  Winners were selected randomly to the tune of about three to four winners per day.  Their Twitter names were posted in a tweet from Coca-Cola_LA’s tweet author.  I found myself interested in the goodie bag contents, given that the requirements didn’t mention I had to be a resident of any particular state.  That made me think about the positioning of this contest and the targets.  I’m completely across the country, but I could participate. 

Exclusive?  or Inclusive?  Or Mis-guided?  Promoting this new aluminum can is going on in other ways, also–don’t get me wrong.  I find the Twitter approach very interesting in that while the product is available only in a certain geographic area, Twitter makes it possible for the buzz to get out in advance of the product being introduced into the geography where the reader of the tweet might live (me who lives in West Virginia, presently located in Florida on vacation, as an example).  Effective buzz creation?  Yes, I’d say so.  Twitter doesn’t replace any existing marketing approach.  As I see it, it provides a platform where it can be seen as complimentary to other marketing approaches (both traditional and ‘social’).


One Response to “You’re the Winner!”

  1. Okay, I just don’t get Twitter. Seriously, what is it that makes so popular? And why are brands so immersed in it? I think it’s a pure waste of time given all the other social media platforms that exist out there. Who said that 140 characters are enough to make sense to anyone? And how can we stop reading and receiving tweets that just don’t make any sense? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for social media, BUT the sensible kind.

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