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IMC 619 – Emerging Media

Just one more post…

Seriously.  Can we find another entry point to social media?  Can one more very intelligent person come up with another fantastic way to be connected?  It’s been a long weekend, and I’m trying to enjoy an eencie, weencie piece of time with my family while on vacation.  It’s been a long year this 2009.  I’m about ready to bid it adieu and get on with 2010.  I’d love to blog about it, but you wouldn’t believe me anyway.  Actually, maybe I should tweet about it.  No, never mind that–I’ll post it on my Facebook.  Nah, maybe on my MySpace page.  Wait!  I think I deactivated my MySpace, I’ll have to check.   So, maybe you get the picture.  I’m not the most social media saavy, AND I have at least four places where I could share my inner most thoughts about whatever I choose.  Imagine those folks who have plenty of time on their hands to post, blog, tweet or just plain type.  How many places could they push out there thoughts from? 

A little coordination, please.   So, perhaps this internal web of communication tools can be navigated so as not to cause more carpal tunnel (wrist or thumb) problems than already exist.  Is it Twitter?  Should thoughts be limited to 140 characters (sometimes I think those guys are onto something).  Should we link tweets into Facebook?  That capability just became reality last week according to the email push I received from .  Or is the webblog the best way to express ourselves so as to use all capable aspects and tools available to us?  We could tie our thoughts together here. 

A little separation, please.  Conversely, we could maintain aspects of separation by utilizing each social media outlet for a purpose.  Use Facebook for personal expression, create separate blogs for personal vs. business-related blogs.  (I myself pictured this blog as specifically related to this class.)  Yes, that suits me.  I’ll maintain separation and will cross over thoughts only where appropriate and valid.  Besides, photos of my grandson on vacation don’t relate to brand expansion via social media.


2 Responses to “Just one more post…”

  1. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter actually have a huge amount of coordination. You have been able to update your Facebook status through Twitter for quite some time and also can update Twitter with Facebook.

  2. Facebook, LinkedIn ant Twitter coordination is all fine and dandy (as they say), but WHICH ONE will most people use as their entry…that was my point.

    I still hear many of my colleagues and friends using specific social media for specific reasons and not overlapping. Main reason I was given was to keep personal and business separate.

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