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IMC 619 – Emerging Media

Will Blog for Food?

My day job revolves around groceries, mostly.  Either I’m helping a supplier of groceries to work to better supply their retailer, or I’m helping a retailer figure out how to maximize their shelf space with the right suppliers.  So, how does this concept of emerging media fit into the world of groceries?  The answer to that can be found in a couple of examples.

Mommy Bloggers are a group of bloggers who are evidently being courted by large consumer packaged goods companies.  Companies such as Nestle and Frito Lay have reported flown groups of  “mommy bloggers” across the country to further educate them on the companies’ products so that the mommy blogger can spread the word about them.  (I neglected to mention one daddy blogger was also involved.)  Read more about this interesting way to influence ‘word of mouth’ advertising in this article in today’s LA Times Online.

Grocery Retailer Blogs are becoming more and more popular.  Recently, an article in Supermarket News Online (6/11/2009) declared that Safeway’s blog had turned one year old.  Wow.  Imagine blogging about recipes, coupons and everyday issues focusing on groceries for an entire year.  Where do you go to find your coupons?  Have you ever checked online at a retailer’s website, looked for coupons or a blog and chosen to follow that blog?  Several remarks on Safeway’s blog indicate they have a faithful following.  How dedicated are you to finding that coupon?  And to what lengths will you go to find them?  Do you find yourself using coupons or searching retailer or manufacturer sites at any particular time of year?  I have a printed library of recipes I’ve used and want to keep.  I’ve searched cookbooks sites, retailer sites, manufacturer sites, but never thought to search through a blog.  I guess I have another resource now to find the ‘perfect pumpkin pie’ recipe to challenge the current winner.


One Response to “Will Blog for Food?”

  1. I think there has to be balance and information available for bloggers who get paid to promote products or brands on their site. I see blogs as a word of mouth vehicle, but look at it as advertising if I know the blogger is on the take. This is an important component of credibility for me, yet something a lot of blogs don’t really address.

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