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A Revolution?

Recent reading in one of my business briefs uncovered an article that posed the question, “Is social media equivalent to the Industrial Revolution?”  (To read the entire article, click here).  As I read through the article and the following comments posted by the online discussion, it was apparent that while the word “revolution” brings about obvious notions of drastic change, the advances in social media have not yet caused any notable differences to one facet of a ‘revolution’, namely the accumulation of wealth.  Other commentaries regard social media as the way to strengthen the brand or increase brand exposure.  Almost all noted the low or no cost entry to the medium involved with social outreach.

I’m a believer in the use of hard measurements to support what we intuitively are experiencing.  In this article, Ryan notes these facts:

  • One out of eight couples married in the U.S. last year met via social media;
  • Years to reach 50 million users:  radio (38 years), TV (13 years), internet (four years), iPod (three years);
  • Facebook added 100 million users in less than nine months, iPod application downloads reached 1 billion in nine months;
  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the fourth largest after China, India and the U.S;
  • Eighty percent of companies are using LinkedIn as their primary tool to find employees;
  • Ashton Kutcher and Ellen DeGeneres have more Twitter followers than the entire population of Ireland, Norway and Panama;
  • Studies show Wikipedia is more accurate than Encyclopedia Brittanica;
  • Seventy-eight percent of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14 percent trust advertisements.

The last bullet is what caught my attention.  Ryan notes that a recent convention speaker made the comment that his own children don’t answer e-mails or cell phones, but “if you text them, they’ll text you back in a second.”   I, too find that to be the case in my immediate circle of electronically-capable family members.  In my next blog, I’ll explore the trusted source question.


One Response to “A Revolution?”

  1. This is the statistic that really caught my eye: “One out of eight couples married in the U.S. last year met via social media”

    It goes to show how our society is evolving. My parents would have never dreamed of the possibility to meeting their spouse online. With social media, the possiblities are endless. It will be interesting to see where it goes next!

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