Gaining Experience in Emerging Media
IMC 619 – Emerging Media

Here to Learn

Old Dog, New Trick.    Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?  This blog is a creation as a requirement for a graduate level course (IMC-619) in the Integrated Marketing Communication program at West Virginia Univerity (WVU).  As a grad student in this program, and particularly in this course, the focus is on “Emerging Media”.

While I fancy myself as a quick learner (in most categories), I was slightly dismayed at the effort it took for me to figure out how to set up this blog!  But, this old dog finally learned a new trick.  However, I “taught” myself.  Clicking through the site multiple times to gain an understanding the settings and comparing my selections to what actually occured and became visible online.   It was quite an adventure.  I was so excited to have made my selections only to find that the theme I chose wasn’t working properly.  My first thought was “user error” (of course), but after several comparisons to other themes (I have software QA experience) I discovered it was indeed not my problem.  And it goes without saying that I Googled “how to blog”–coming up with the following blog (of course) to help me out!

So, this effort made me consider how one learns about how to interact with these types of emerging or social media?  I’d like to know what YOU think.  Where did you learn to manage the technical requirements to engage in such interactive media outlets?  Who taught you to Twitter, forced you to Facebook or encouraged you to instant message?  Which one of those were easiest for you to get acquianted with and why?  For myself, my first interaction was AOL’s Instant Messenger.  I have maintained the same screenname for over 10 years now.  It was a simple procedure to activate my account and the information I share through this medium is particularly to a single recipient.  As this course progresses, I’ll share learning experiences I’ve had as I joined other social media sites.  I’ll look for your feedback, too!


One Response to “Here to Learn”

  1. So great to be an inspiration and help. Thanks.

    So to your question. As one of the first on these new media tools, I sure wish I had someone to teach me some basics before I made a fool of myself, but then again, without that foolish moment, I would not have really learned how to push these tools to their limits and really understand not just how to use them, but why and when. Not every tool is the right tool for the job.

    So I look forward to watching you make a fool of yourself and pushing that limit, too. That’s the fun of doing this foolish stuff publicly. We get to watch each other fail, learn, and rise again, and hopefully not repeat the same mistakes. 😀

    Good luck!

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